The name of this song is “Giaoology”, because I want to express the idea and the positive attitudes of “Giao.” I sampled a human voice “Giao” from a Chinese farmer.  “Giao” is a meaningless modal particle word, he shouts it whenever he is happy, sad, anxious, or angry etc. It is even not a pleasant sound. The farmer is an optimistic person. No matter what happened, he would say “Giao” and face it optimistically. It has some similarities with Dadaism. It is nonsense, anti-art, disregarding traditional aesthetic, and chaos; however, the meanings behind are more important than the form of art itself. 
I type a happy melody, and a strange chord progression which is C#dim, Em, Bdim, C. The verse part I only use the root note, The chorus part is chord progression. It is different from traditional aesthetic, but I think it works. The Track 118 is recorded microphones, And I use pitch shift, autotune, reverb. I use sculpture to make different sounds. I use ultrabeats and trap door(dez), and also human voice “Giao” to make drums. Audio 3 and Audio 6 are boogs created by external synthesizer. Audio 3 is building up. Audio 6 is a loop.
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