I am Yulun Wu, a designer based in New York City. Yulun Wu is open to work to graphic design, UX/UI, instructional design, game design and digital marketing.
My passion for design started during my undergrad studies at Pratt Institute, majored in Communications design. I graduate with 4 yr scholarship and also on the dean list. I developed versatile art and design skills during my undergrad, such as graphic design, illustration, branding, UX design, photography and so on. Then I went to Columbia University and got my master degree about instructional technology. I learned more cutting edge technologies such as game, AR, VR.
Over the past few years, I've interned in various creative roles that have shaped my perspective and abilities as a designer.
Please contact eric777w@hotmail.com if you are interested in Yulun Wu's resume.

Thank you!
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