During the Covid-19 period, universities moved to distance learning. Studio art majors are not adapting to distance learning very well. Studio art students showed low motivation and have no access to the studios. To give online students coherent studio art education, in this Integrative Project, I will focus on the following research question: how can an educational metaverse virtual land platform address the need to provide after class studio experience and motivation for online studio art students? Literature reviews and a survey was made to confirm the problem, find out the related learning theories, and find out the design requirements. An educational Metaverse platform called Artsyland VR was designed to cope with the problems for studio art students in distance learning. The two main parts of the virtual world are Virtual artist town and Synchronous VR studios. In the future, art schools need to put a budget on training how to use Artsyland VR and VR for instructors and students. Also, Artsyland VR will have more iterations based on the feedback.
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