Book of the Dead is a game based on an Egyptian collection in the British Museum that recorded the process of preparing the mummy, and the experience of the soul in the afterlife, and the judgment. 1 player will play as the soul and go through the afterlife and the judgment. while other players will play as the families and friends that collect the objects that are helpful to the soul in the afterlife.
It is common that middle school students lack motivation in history or art history class. This game gamified the contents of mythology that could motivate students intrinsically.
Death education is lacking in schools in America. A survey was made about of 423 public schools surveyed, only 11.14% offered death education, 17.01% offered a grief education/support program, and 25.01% had suicide prevention/intervention programs. Students could learn from Egyptians about how to deal with death and grief.
Target Audience: Middle school students 
Learning Goal: to introduce Egyptian mythology, history and thanatopsis(how Egyptians deal with death).
Flow Chart
Core Loops
Moving: The soul player would answer the random death opinion questions; and the 3 living players would guess what is the soul player’s answer. The living players who have the same answer as the soul player could earn one step, the other living person cannot move. The soul players earn the total steps of the living players earned. 
Collect the Object for Mummification: When the living player reach the object box, answer the Egyptian or death education question. If they get right, they could collect the object and pass the box. If they did not get it right, they will gain 1 heart weight card and answer another question. 
Pass the Monster Box: The soul player have two ways to pass the monster box which are answer the Egyptian or death education question to pass, or play the spell card to pass

Winning Conditions
Only living players finished the mummification, can the soul player pass the hall of judgment
The Judgment: 
One scarab card can reduce one heart weight card, Weight the feather and heart weight card on the scale
If the heart is lighter than or equal to the feather, all the players win, the soul go eternal life in the Field of Reeds and cultivate plant 
If the heart is heavier than the feather, all the players lose, the heart will be eaten by Monster Amemait and the soul will disappear, the player will shuffle the characters and restart the game
Sample Cards
Illustrations are AI generated art.
Scarab Card: Reduce 1 Heart Weight Card. Can be found the both map
Heart Weight Card: Penalty for wrong answers. 5 Heart Weight Card would be heavier than the Feather in the judgement.

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